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Spaced Out Is the ONLY Marijuana Gifting Service You Will Ever Need!

As the battle for cannabis legalization sweeps across the nation, residents and tourists of Washington DC. are in for a treat! Thanks to Initiative 71, it is now possible to enjoy the top marijuana services through amazing marijuana delivery service options. One team leading the charge when it comes to their marijuana delivery service is the team at Spaced Out. Spaced Out is one of the top pickup services in the entirety of Washington DC. Spaced Out offers affordable access to a simple gifting system that is Initiative 71 compliant. If you are ready to enjoy affordable weed gifting services, keep on reading!

Find the BEST Marijuana Washington DC Has Available at SPACED OUT

Purchasing cannabis has never been easier thanks to the convenient gifted marijuana storefront. Simply navigate to the Spaced Out official website to browse the menu and select which great art print and weed gift combination you would like to get. Each art print that you purchase will come with a marijuana gift option that customers get to select during their check-out process. If you've never enjoyed the great marijuana services, keep on reading!

Let's break down how the typical marijuana Washington DC gift service works by using Spaced Out as our prime example.

1) Understanding Initiative 71 - If you are staring at your screen wondering how weed gifting services are legal, you are asking the right questions. Thankfully, Initiative 71 has made it legal to give marijuana orders to customers 21 and over as a gift when purchasing another item. When you shop at Spaced Out, you are purchasing amazing quality art prints with your marijuana as a bonus gift. Completely legal and hassle-free, you can enjoy the legal weed you need to stay medicated during these trying times.

2) Selecting Your Gift - Now that you understand the legality of marijuana gifting in Washington DC., it is time to start shopping for your perfect gift! Spaced Out carries every type of marijuana gift that you could be looking for. From art prints with exotic marijuana to aet prints with edibles, vape cartridges, and concentrates, there is always something for everyone. Let's break each gift down so that you can see which will fit for you!

a) Flower - Flower will always be the rallying cry of marijuana enthusiasts everywhere. When you shop for marijuana flowers at Spaced Out, you can select from a range of art prints that offer varying strains and sizes and tiers as your gift.

b) Concentrates - If marijuana is comparable to a glass of great beer, cannabis concentrates are akin to taking a shot of alcohol. Cannabis concentrates are simply products derived from the cannabis plant that has been processed until only the best compounds in the plant remain. Concentrates come in a variety of forms including live hash rosin, crumble, diamonds, shatter, budder, and more.

c) Edibles - The easiest way to consume marijuana, edibles are just edible products that have been infused with cannabis. When you shop at Spaced Out DC, you can find your way to a variety of delicious cannabis edibles as your marijuana gift of choice. 

d) Vape Cartridges - We'll round out our exploration of Spaced Out's inventory by highlighting their vape cartridges gift. When it comes time to refill your vape with a great new vape cartridge, you'll want to browse the gift offerings available at Spaced Out. Spaced Out offers a number of art prints with Vape Cartridge gift options including just about every strain you can think of. 

3) Delivery or Pick-Up - After you've selected your favorite gift option from the sticker shop at Spaced Out DC, you will be ready to make your purchase. Spaced Out offers convenient delivery and pick-up options for your stickers and cannabis gifts. Simply communicate your needs with the team at Spaced Out when making your purchase.

In order to enjoy legal weed delivery in Washington DC. under Initiative 71, Spaced Out requires all consumers to validate age via identification when placing their cannabis gift and sticker. order


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